The Step: Classic Health Club Equipment That's No Gimmick

The Health Club Step is a classic exercise equipment item. Use one or two risers for cardio training or get extra risers for plyometric or jump training.

Made in the USA - durable, made from recyclable High Density Polyethylene

Premium slip-proof, comfort cushion top - easy on hands, feet, back or other body contact points (does not contain latex)

Adjustable to 4, 6 and 8 inches in height - very secure, stable design. Large 14" X 40" top surface
Platform on floor without risers - weight capacity = 300 LBS. 500 LB capacity when platform is stacked on risers.

Non-marking feet for use on almost any type of floor including wood, tile & carpet.

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale: Track Your Body Weight on Your iPhone

Withings Wifi Body Scale
Withings Scale Pros:
Attractive device in the home
Capable of ongoing improvements in features through firmware updates
iPhone application for ease of monitoring your body weights over a time period
Capable of multiple users being tracked
Can be set for metric (kg) or English (lbs)
Very responsive to customer feedback



Rear light
4 Super Bright Red LEDs

Front Light
3 Super Bright White LEDs

Serfas TL-ONE Taillight Strobe Bicycle Light

Nice fast strobe with two other modes. Red and white bright light.

NewKinetix NK100 Universal IR Remote for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

NewKinetix NK100 Universal IR Remote for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Ranking as a better remote because it includes the database of manufacturer codes and has a stronger IR transmitter.

You know what we're really thinking. Get up off of the couch and change the TV. Well actually this is OK if you're using it while your on the elliptical at home.